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Harness Spring’s Signature Shade for an Open Heart

May 07, 2020 1 min read

Harness Spring’s Signature Shade for an Open Heart

(pictured above left - right: Demi Necklace, Sydney Necklace)
May is a month of celebration—from Mother’s Day to graduation, occasions to commemorate love and hope abound, even in these bizarre times. With spring in full swing, greens of all shades surround us, reminding us that the Earth continues to spin and life continues to sprout anew.
Emerald—May’s birthstone—is a favorite at Lulu, along with green tourmaline, labradorite, and more. The energy of a green stone is immensely healing, opening the heart chakra while channeling vibrancy of the natural world. It stimulates the use of greater mental capacity, allowing for the choice of 'right' action to be the clearest choice to the wearer. 
Known as the "stone of successful love" emerald is used to instill both sensitivity and loyalty within the self and within others, bringing harmony to all areas in ones life.
(pictured left - right: Demi Necklace, Sydney Necklace, Hera Necklace)
If you’re looking for a gift that promotes healing and welcomes love, green is the way to go—and we have you covered. Necklaces like DemiSydney, and Hera combine emerald’s innate dynamism with stylish details sure to make a statement, while earrings of the same ilk offered every outfit an ounce of spring spirit.
Invite emerald’s sweet and loving nature in to foster resilience. Mother Nature is never wrong.

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