What's Your Ritual?

Posted on March 06 2017

The giving and receiving of jewelry has symbolized love, commitment, and celebration since human history began—cavemen wove grass around the wrists and ankles of their chosen mates; those near the beach decorated bodies with shells; and pieces were exchanged in the spirit of giving, which, to this day, reinforces positive feelings within both the bestower and those who receive.

 In present tense, whether our most cherished pieces are gifts from others or from ourselves, we partake in the ritual of adornment each day—we awaken, and after discerning our mood and choosing our outfit, select the best pieces to embody our spirit and help us welcome the day ahead. The more we wear our jewelry, the more energy, love, and stories are absorbed into its physical form, until the pieces themselves become a part of us.

For this reason, celebratory events are the ideal time to bestow glitzy trinkets upon your loved ones. Not only does it mark the occasion, it serves as a wearable reminder of an accomplishment, commitment, or just a particularly lovely day. Stones, which feature heavily in our pieces at Lulu Designs, have the power to absorb and reflect the energy of the wearer, bringing a sense of peace, history, and joy to those who slip on their unique pieces each morning. Lulu also aims to craft forever jewelry, in the hopes that as the decades breeze by, jewels will be passed from generation to generation, carrying dreams and visions from one family member to the next, fine materials withstanding the test of time and developing their personalities along the way.

 Rings are an ideal way to illustrate caring feelings through a long-lasting token. Opt for skinny, stackable bands, statement baubles, or sleek, contemporary options to communicate a blissful sense of occasion while offering a dose of luxury to those who impact your life. As the years go by, the ritual of giving—and of meaningful adornment—is one human urge that’s bound to continue.


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