Luxe Transcendental Collection

Posted on May 03 2015

Designing a new collection can sometimes feel like reinventing the wheel. You question everything, and your desire to create pieces that are truly fresh is stretched to the limit. Our new collection, the Luxe Transcendental Collection, is exactly what it says—transcendental. Like all of our Luxe pieces, we have elevated this collection by taking natural gemstones and setting them with 14kt gold for a look that is organic and refined.

What inspired Stacy during the creation of this new collection was the intersection of old and new. “If you come to the Lulu studio, you will see an impressive collection of gemstones that we have gathered over 18-years. Recently I found some rose cut gemstones that really spoke to me and I paired them with stones we already had on hand. That’s how the Luxe Transcendental Collection began.”

Stacy, who wholeheartedly believes in the healing powers of gemstones, wanted to create a collection that was not only beautiful but transformative. “The whole collection features precious and semi-precious stones that benefit the wearer in ways of the spirit and soul. The earth has put so much energy over many, many years into these stones, it makes sense that the stones themselves would put out incredible energy.”

So what stone is for you? The collection currently features green, pink and watermelon tourmaline, moonstone, amazonite, green tourmalated quartz, raw diamonds, tanzanite, emerald, ruby, andesine and blue topaz, and each stone possesses its own set of metaphysical properties.


            Pink Tourmaline: Promotes joy and love

            Green Tourmaline: Opens the heart chakra

            Watermelon Tourmaline: Promotes unconditional love and understanding

Moonstone: Promotes knowledge, wisdom and a connection with higher realms

Amazonite: Promotes balance, clarity and harmony

Green Tourmalated Quartz: Balances the feminine and masculine energies and reduces negative energy

Raw Diamond: Absorbs and reflects energies of all kinds. Promotes wealth and abundance.

Tanzanite: Generates energies of happiness and relief from worry and stress

Emerald: Helps to strengthen aspirational and inspirational energies

Ruby: Helps to ward off negative entities and attracts love

Andesine: Promotes physical healing and balance of the body and mind

Blue Topaz: Promotes focus and inspires creativity

Placement of a stone is just as important as the stone and the metaphysical properties it possesses. 

Wearing a gemstone at the heart and throat chakras is very powerful. Many of our necklaces are set vertically in two’s or three’s, meaning that both the heart and throat chakras are opened.

Wearing gemstone earrings puts the healing powers of the stone near the third eye chakra. This encourages intuition and understanding on the part of the wearer.

Finally, wearing a gemstone in the form of a ring is a versatile way to receive many of the benefits of the gemstone. For example, if you leave your hands at your side near the sacral chakra, you are working on emotions and relationships. If, however, you lift your hands to the top of your head where your crown chakra is, you will experience enlightenment and transcendence.


As a cornerstone of the Lulu Designs brand, Stacy strives to always make “forever jewelry.” This collection only features the highest quality gemstones and 14kt gold settings for pieces that will stand the test of time.

 These pieces extend much farther than just pretty jewelry, they are healing and transformative, and we invite you to be transcended by our new collection.


Wear with love.

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