Layering: A How-To

Posted on May 13 2015’s essential. At Lulu Designs, our team lives in a uniform of jeans and t-shirts, and while this might sound boring, it’s the mixing-and-matching of jewelry that brings out each of our individual styles. A t-shirt is not just a t-shirt when it has a collection of delicate chains, natural gemstones, and pendants hanging from it. 


Today, Stacy shares the keys to successful necklace layering. Whether you are a novice jewelry-wearer or a seasoned expert, these tips will help you to nail the layered look and create a style all your own. Here’s how… 

Step 1: Start Small

Stacy believes the easiest way to create effortless layering is to start with small, dainty necklaces. One or two collarbone length pieces create the framework for which the rest of the layering will be done. Think of this step as the foundation to your layering—a strong foundation equals a solid look.


Step 2: Embrace Texture and Color

Mixed metals and gemstones create a personalized and stylish look. Choose necklaces with stones that have varying shapes as this adds interest, and don’t be afraid to mix colors! Remember that almost anything goes, so keep things eclectic.


Step 3: Finish Strong

People may not remember how you started, but you can be sure they will remember how you end. At Lulu, we love a finishing a layered look with a large gemstone pendant necklace. A statement necklace makes for a bold dose of style, so don’t forget to top your look off with one.



Mastering the layered look is easy and virtually impossible to mess up. But, if you find yourself questioning whether or not your layering is up to snuff, remember to start small and end big, color, texture and shape are your friends, and most importantly, in jewelry there are no rules. Wear what you like and what makes you feel good and you can’t possibly fail.


Wear with love.

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