The Luxe Celestial Collection

Posted on May 20 2015

Stacy has always featured diamonds in the Lulu Designs line. Whether it is pavé jewelry or pieces with larger stones, Stacy loves the classic aesthetic of diamonds. 

With the recent launch of our newest line, the Luxe Celestial Collection, diamonds have taken a unique turn at Lulu Designs. Hand selected raw diamonds and solid 14k gold have been fabricated into pieces that are classic but with and a modern edge. The inclusions and colors of raw diamonds are what make these beautiful rings and necklaces special, and like a constellation in the night sky, the small details set each piece apart. This collection, which has been heralded as a “modern bride” collection, maintains subtlety while also exuding style.

Stacy set out to create a diamond collection that could be for both special occasions and for daily wear, and it seems that goal has been achieved.

Wear with love.

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