Sapphires en Luxe

Posted on July 14 2015

Summer is a busy and exciting time for the Lulu Designs team. While gearing up for the holiday season, we are constantly creating and trying new things in the studio.

Our main focus continues to be on our Luxe line. As Stacy has stated, Lulu Luxe has truly transformed our company in the last year. Luxe is not simply beautiful jewelry; it is a celebration of the artist’s process. Through design there is collaboration and human interaction, and as the process continues there is always a need, and a desire, to revisit a design and make it a better version of itself.

As we introduced the Luxe Transcendental Collection in early May, we were unaware of how far Luxe would go in only three short months. Our newest Luxe pieces center around sapphires and 14k gold. As a stone that lends wisdom and clarity to its wearer, sapphires offer greater spiritual truth. In varying shades of pink and blue, our sapphires add intensity and depth to the existing Luxe pieces. Our favorite way to wear the sapphire pieces is layering them, of course. Wearing several sapphire pieces, or, incorporating other gemstones such as moonstone or tourmaline makes for a unique combination of color and form—a Lulu Designs core concept.

Here are a few of favorite Luxe sapphire pieces—stay tuned for more!

Memory Earrings











Goddess Necklace and Compass Ring



Wonder Necklace and Orion Earrings


Wind Ring


Wear with love.


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