Get the Look: Canggu, Bali

Posted on July 14 2017

Canggu, Bali is a well-known surf city off the southwestern coast of Bali. It is any free-spirited woman's paradise - a place where clothing is optional and beach bum fashion is in full bloom. The weather is hot most of the year and that means the only thing we want gracing our sun-kissed skin is beautiful jewelry. Okay, and maybe a bathing suit. 

Myriad Necklace in Blue Sapphire

Ideal for adding a dose of sparkle to your neckline, Myriad’s yellow bronze pendant dangles from a string of faceted gemstone beads interspersed with brass bead accents.

Showcased on the pendant is Laxmi (Lakshmi), a goddess often associated with health, wealth, beauty, and prosperity. 

This versatile necklace is perfect for a low-cut neckline and a candlelit dinner on the beach or a casual t-shirt and a motorbike ride along the coast.

Sterling Silver Catalina Ring in Moonstone & Sterling Silver Oxidized Mindy Cuff

The Catalina Ring in moonstone is as versatile as it is individual. The sterling silver or vermeil band is adorned with signature Lulu Designs engraving, making this ring a standout piece.

We chose moonstone for our Canggu adventure because its’ energy is one with the light of the night. It harnesses the energy of the moon to attract love and provide protection from darker energies.

Paired with The Mindy Cuff, you’ll be ready to break the rules, blaze trails, and set the trends rather than follow them—a handcrafted cuff with a truly original textile design.

These two everyday pieces go together to create the perfect accent for a flowing summer dress, your newly bronzed skin, a cocktail and that bad-gal traveler's attitude. Own those Bali nights!




Gehry Earrings in Yellow Bronze

Like a petal off a flower, these cast earrings add an ethereal look and feel to any ensemble. Available in yellow bronze and sterling silver, we choose the yellow bronze for our Canggu, Bali vacation because of its ability to bring out the natural tones of newly sunkissed hair.

Paired perfectly with any of our yellow bronze cuffs, these earrings take your messy bun and ripped short-shorts to a whole new level of beach sophistication.


Lotus Necklace in Yellow Bronze

The lotus represents beauty and resilience. It is a symbol that you will become accustomed to loving on your Bali vacation as it is a local favorite.

The love story between the locals and the lotus begins in the mud where the flower is often found growing. Every night the lotus closes its petals. Each morning when they open, they are completely clean of any dirt. This symbolism of beauty and purity while growing in the mud is riff with deep cultural meaning.

Here, it's set with a single white diamond in a disc of yellow bronze on 14k gold fill ball chain.  


There's something about getting decked out in jewelry that makes us feel like the beach is never too far away and that travel is right around the corner. Even if you won't be traveling to Canggu, Bali anytime soon, you can still get in the mood with these pieces.

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