How to Stack Rings

Posted on July 27 2017

You might be thinking, “Why in the world do I need a guide to stack rings? It can’t be that hard, right?” Then, you sit down with your carefully curated collection of Lulu Designs favorites and realize it’s definitely harder than it looks.

Stacking rings is an art and while all art is beautiful, sometimes it can turn out a bit messy if you don’t know the right techniques.

That’s why we’re sharing our fool-proof stacked ring style guide.

1. It’s not all about fashion.

Sometimes it’s just plain smart to stack your rings. If you’re going to spend your pretty pennies on Lulu Luxe, you don’t want to risk a ring flying off your finger at your next summer soiree.

Protect your investment by adding a simple Lulu stacker ring above your Luxe ring.

Pairings: The Lulu Luxe Wonder Ring and the Lulu collection Pyramid Stacker Ring. The angular design of the Pyramid Stacker accentuates the geometric design of the Wonder ring and creates a perfect pairing.

Wonder Ring | Luxe Rings | Pyramid Stacker 

2. Sometimes you just can’t make up your mind.

Gold… silver… no, gold… no, silver!

Some days it’s just hard to choose… so, why fight it? Stack your favorite silver and gold jewelry together.

Our expert tip: Stack gold and silver in equal proportions. Wearing more gold than silver can make the silver look out of place, and vise versa.

Pairings: A stack of stackers. All of our Lulu collection stacker rings come in 18k gold vermeil and sterling silver. Get each one in both colors and create fun gold-silver patterns across your fingers.

Lulu Stackers

3. Accentuate a statement piece.

That Divine Ring sure is a looker, but you can’t leave it there alone! Accentuate a statement piece by stacking smaller, daintier pieces alongside it. Too many statement pieces on one hand can look chunky and you’ll find that it’s uncomfortable to have too many big rings on one hand.

Our expert tip: The Divine Ring has a diamond in the middle. Use stacker rings with diamond accents to play up your statement piece.

Pairings: The Divine Ring along with the Small Bright, Triple Bright, and Modern Ring are perfect for diamond accentuation. Since you’ll need more stacker rings than that, you can also include the Lulu collection stacker rings.

Divine Ring | Small Bright Ring | Triple Bright | Modern Ring

Lulu Collection Stacker Rings


4. Accentuate pops of color.

We love colorful gemstones against metal, but too many colors on your hands can draw too much unwanted attention.

Our expert tip: Choose 2-3 colors that pair well with one another and one color of metal. Too many colors of metal next to different color gemstones is hard to pull off!

Pairings: For one hand, the Watermelon Genesis Ring along with a few Wave Rings from the Lulu Luxe collection. The curved lines of the stacked wave rings alongside the organic shape of the Watermelon Genesis Ring are a perfect pairing. For the other hand, The Wind Ring’s beautiful blue tones compliment the deep pink of the Watermelon Genesis ring. Stack your other fingers with more wave rings!

Wind Ring | Wave Ring

Do you have a ring stacking tip to tell us? Share your favorite pairings with us! Send us your Lulu ring stacking pictures to be featured on our Instagram @luludesignsjewelry

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