14K Satnam Ring - Diamond

14K Yellow Gold
14K Rose Gold

Crafted by our master jewelers, the “Satnam” ring embodies simplicity and elegance. Its design springs from a powerful Sanskrit mantra that has been a source of inspiration for our founder, Stacy. “Satnam,” meaning ‘Truth is my identity,’ guides our creative process, grounding it in authenticity and connection. With diamonds weaving together a constellation sky, this ring reflects the vast interconnectedness of the universe. Engraved inside with the mantra ‘Satnam: truth is my identity,’ it offers personal significance and inspiration. It’s a testament to our belief in expressing truth through artistry, connecting us all to the cosmos.

    • 14K solid yellow gold hammered band
    • Diamond weight: 0.09 ctw
    • Band width: 6mm
    • Available in yellow, rose, or white gold
    • Ring resizing available upon request
    • Made with love in Mill Valley, CA
    • customizable inscription available
    • (turnaround time 2-4 weeks)