Brand Inspiration


Sometimes when the intention is right and the passion to create exists, magic happens. Such is the case with Lulu Designs. It began as an idea, a desire to create beauty in the world, and was started by Stacy King in 1997. Stacy graduated from San Francisco State in 1991 earning a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in ceramics. Working as a production potter for 10 years gave Stacy insight into the art of balancing form with color. As Stacy became interested in jewelry, her mastery of ceramics gave  her unique tools for becoming a self-taught jeweler.

The aesthetic blends simple with elegant, balancing color and shape and mixing metals and stones with Lulu’s signature style – organic, sophisticated, beautiful. We see the veins snaking through a leaf, the way branches catch on the breeze, the phases of the moon, the pull of the Pacific’s waves - from there, doing our best to capture the feelings that nature evokes into wearable art. All of our necklaces, rings, bracelets, and cuffs are designed and handcrafted to let the life and power of each stone and metal to shine through. 


Much of the jewelry industry is trend-driven: from shapes to materials to sizing, pieces conform to the norm, resulting in an aesthetic culture of sameness. But at Lulu, our pieces are born of inspiration derived from what we see in our daily lives. A meeting of architecture, botanical elements, and textiles, run through with the metaphysical appeal of gemstones, makes for jewelry that emits a feel of pretty peace—the kind of feeling born of authentic creativity.
Our visual references range from micro to macro. As far as human-made notes, Indian textiles offer a constant wellspring of influence, as do the clean lines of a thoughtfully erected building. Essentially, life inspires Lulu, which is another reason we rely on the power of gemstones to enhance much of our jewelry: because why not harness these organic baubles into adornments that can benefit wearers’ well-being? In that sense, the pieces are more than decorative—they’re a reminder to stay tethered to the Earth and to yourself.
Today, Lulu Designs is a team of talented artisans and bench jewelers that create the Lulu Designs and Luxe collection in Mill Valley, California. Together, they create original castings of the finest, sustainably sourced metals, fitting them with precious gemstones and working to create forever jewelry – pieces to be passed down mother to daughter, throughout families, friendships, and generations.

Pieces Made To Last A Lifetime

Because of our commitment to sustainability and idiosyncrasy, we take great care with every aspect of the process, from choosing materials to partnering with vendors to executing finished pieces, and we believe these efforts are evident. Whether you favor silver, gold, or yellow bronze, our metals and their accompanying jewels are built so our customers can feel good about wearing—or gifting—Lulu.
At Lulu Designs, our talented team of women artisans create the Lulu Designs and Luxe jewelry collections, including necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and cuffs. Our pieces are handcrafted with the finest, sustainably sourced metals and uniquely cut gemstones, designed with the intention of letting the design and meaning speak to the wearer. We pride ourselves on our original designs and uniquely cut gemstones, that are great for collecting, gifting, and passing down from generation to generation.
Most importantly, we design jewelry designed to last—contemporary heirlooms meant to be passed from generation to generation. We get a spark from eschewing current trends and imagining a trinket that stands on its own for its beauty and will continue to do so no matter the era. If a necklace sparks your imagination, a pair of earrings becomes something of a signature, or the stone fitted within a ring calls to mind a body of water you’ve dipped your toes in we know we’ve done our job.