Jewelry Care

Investing in jewelry designed to last forever is akin to any long-term relationship—a certain amount of maintenance is required to ensure things stay shiny. But when it comes to jewelry, there is (thankfully) an easy equation for success. Be gentle and consistent with your care and your heirloom pieces will sparkle for years to come. 

First, let’s talk metals. 


Gold is decadent, but it’s also delicate. These tips will help if you’ve inherited an heirloom, invested in one of our one-of-a-kind adornments, or have a sensitivity to other metals.


Maybe gold isn’t your thing. Fortunately, most Lulu pieces are available in sterling silver.


For a luxurious look sans the price tag, gold-fill is your BFF. Gold-filled metal consists of a layering of 14-karat gold over a brass core, the duo bonding for a lasting finish. 


Our special formula of yellow bronze resists oxidation—however, all metal is prone to a little tarnish over time. If you invest in Lulu’s signature castings and cuffs, the tips, below, will come in handy. 

Keep reading for cleaning advice easily applied to your favorite pieces.


  • Avoid the Five S’s: sleep, shower, sweat, swim, and sprays. The S’s can cause surfaces to wear and fade, resulting in unwanted dulling or fading. 

  • Clean pieces with warm water for basic care.r and a soft toothbrush to remove any buildup between stones, chain links, and joints. 

  • For more stubborn dirt and extra cleaning, we recommend Lavish cleaner avaialble for purchase in store or on line (add link to cleaner) . 

  • A polishing cloth removes tarnish and shines metal back to its original luster. 



Prepare for the jewelry cleaning process with the following materials: three bowls designated for soaking, rinsing, and holding during drying; a soft microfiber cloth for drying and polishing; a polishing cloth for heavily tarnished items; and a hairdryer for thorough drying.


  1. Submerge the jewelry in hot water to loosen dirt.

  2. Apply one to two pumps of Lavish foam cleaner to the jewelry, using a soft-bristled brush to scrub crevices effectively.

  3. Rinse the jewelry in clean hot water.

  4. Perform an additional rinse to eliminate all traces of soap.

  5. Transfer the cleaned and damp jewelry to a drying bowl to organize and prevent loss.

  6. Use a hairdryer on a low setting to fully dry the jewelry, preventing oxidation from residual moisture.

  7. Finish by polishing with the microfiber cloth.

  8. Wear with love.

We recommend using Lavish Cleaner for gold, sterling silver, bronze, and non-plated metals.

To Use:

  1. Soak piece or pieces in hot purified water.

  2. Let jewelry sit for a few minutes depending on 

  3. Rinse with water for 10 seconds

  4. Dry jewelry with soft, lint-free cloth

  5. Repeat if necessary

  6. For added shine, buff and shine with polishing cloth

* Avoid using on porous stones such as Pearl, Turquoise, Opal, or Lapis 



A jewelry polishing cloth is recommended for use on gold, sterling silver, platinum, gold-fill, and plated jewelry. 

To Use:

  1. Use the inner white cloth to remove tarnish

  2. Follow with the outer gray cloth to buff, shine, and restore metal

Note: Avoid using on porous stones such as pearl, turquoise, opal, or lapis