How To Help Your Forever Jewelry Last Forever

August 07, 2019 2 min read

How to Help Your Forever Jewelry Last Forever Blog Post. Photo shows a necklace being cleaned by hand.

Investing in jewelry designed to last forever is akin to a romantic relationship—after the initial lust and the subsequent commitment, a certain amount of maintenance is required to ensure things stay shiny. But when it comes to jewelry, there is (thankfully) an easy- to-follow equation for success. 


Sleep, Shower, Sweat, Swim, Sprays

These alliterative failings each cause surfaces to wear and fade, leaving your pieces in danger of dulling or fading, rather than exuding the light and power they were created to. Here, a few tips for caring for Lulu Designs best-loved metals. For these options, the same rules apply: 


Gold is sumptuous, but it’s also delicate. These tips will help if you’ve inherited an heirloom, invested in one of our Luxe line’s one-of-a-kind adornment, or have a sensitivity to other metals.


Maybe gold isn’t your thing. Fortunately, most of Lulu Designs pieces—from castings to rings to earrings—are available in sterling silver.


For a luxurious look sans the price tag, gold-fill is your BFF.


Our special formula of yellow bronze resists oxidation—however, all metal is prone to a little tarnish over time. If you invest in Lulu Designs signature castings and cuffs, the tips, below, will come in handy.
• Clean pieces with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to remove buildup between stones, chain links, and joints.
• For more stubborn dirt, opt for our jewelry spray cleanser.
• A polishing cloth cleans and wipes off tarnish and shines metal back to its original luster.

We have some tools to keep your cleaning process on-point 


Our diamond and jewelry cleaner is recommended for gold, sterling silver, bronze and non-plated metals

To Use: 

1. Spray away from face and in well-ventilated area

2. Let jewelry sit for 10–60 seconds

3. Rinse with water for 10 seconds

4. Dry jewelry with soft, lint-free cloth

5. Repeat if necessary

6. For added shine, buff and shine with polishing cloth

*Avoid using on porous stones such as Pearl, Turquoise, Opal, or Lapis 


Recommended for gold, sterling silver, platinum, gold fill, and plated jewelry.

To Use:

1. Use inner white cloth to remove tarnish

2. Follow with outer grey cloth to buff, shine, and restore metal

*Avoid using on porous stones such as Pearl, Turquoise, Opal, or Lapis


A modern heirloom has the potential to offer a life-long love affair, but only if you do your part. Be gentle and thoughtful in your care, and your pieces will give you all of the sparkle you deserve.

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