Introducing Our Fall Collection: Lulu Royale

September 25, 2019 2 min read

Introducing Our Fall Collection: Lulu Royale


Neutrals are good. Neutrals accentuated by a pop of rich, saturated color? Better. To help elevate your holiday ensembles, we’ve dreamed up Lulu Royale, a collection that focuses on the eye-catching opulence of jewel tones—a.k.a. an aesthetic fit for a modern royal. Lulu Royale’s collection of “crown jewels” are designed to showcase shades and settings that offer any wearer a welcome wash of regality.

True to Lulu's signature style of mixing metals with stones, this collection features an expanded array of meaning centered pendants.  Inspired by Eastern philosophy and connection to nature, this season's talismans radiate beauty and soul. Explore new possibilities with Raja, manifest your destiny with Mantra, and cultivate kindness with Meta.  Check out our entire collection of meaning based designs under our Inspired Necklaces tab.  



We recommend carrying off our collections in whatever way feels true to you. That said, there’s something about a burst of bold color against a demure backdrop that feels sophisticated, romantic, and appropriately striking. Consider a classic camel colored sweater coupled with our Hera Necklace in emerald; a trench coat augmented by the Poppy Earrings in garnet; or a black dress slipped on along with our Adela Ring in London Blue Topaz. Seasonal cocktails all, the blend of earthy and brilliant hues is one that inspires a deep drink of stylish sumptuousness.



Emeralds, London blue Topaz, and Garnets thread through Lulu Royale, and along with vibrant color, each stone contains a dose of power waiting to be harnessed by the wearer. 

Emerald: Passion—for your life, for a person, for your career—emerald gives you the boost in confidence and creativity you need to bring your desires to fruition.

London Blue Topaz: Peace, when cultivated within, radiated without in all that you do. Blue Topaz calms the emotional waters, enhancing thought and creativity—along with attention span.

Garnet: Ground down. Garnet is associated with the primordial fire, reminding you to stay centered in spite the chaos of the outer world. Love, intensity, and physicality will keep you true to you.


Welcome—you’re now a Royale. Welcome to the Lulu dynasty.