Fall Layers To Fall In Love With

October 07, 2019 1 min read

Fall Layers To Fall In Love With

If you, like us, have felt the extra bit of crispness that’s crept into the air over the last week, you’re likely reaching for a selection of well-loved wardrobe staples designed to be worn in tandem, peeled off and slipped into at thoughtful intervals depending on fall’s fickle weather. And though many cold-weather staples are designed to enshroud us up completely, that’s no reason. to skimp on the jewelry—in fact, we suggest the opposite, piling on pieces to better to shine along with the season.

Should you need some guidance in the art of jewelry layering, we’ve got you covered—just like your coziest coat. Introducing: Lulu’s layering scorecard! This tried-and-true method applies to necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings alike.

1. The focal piece. This choice determines the vibe and color palette, generally setting the tone for your entire accessory game.

2. The bold piece. Your second layer elevates your chosen aesthetic, adding textural or color-based intrigue—or both!

3. The accent piece. The perfect, sweet and subtle finishing touch.

Draping and layering necklaces, will dress up any sweater dress or cardigan. 


Adorn your ear while it tries to hide under your beanie or behind your scarf. 


A little arm candy is the perfect solution for wearing with a poncho or wrap. 


Rings are the perfect compliment to a dramatic dress that already tries to steal the show.