Our Story

We believe that jewelry runs deeper than adornment. From the spark that inspires each piece to the elements used to bring it to life, our designs are an embodiment of how we experience the world. We make jewelry that stands the test of time, avoiding trend in favor of process, connection, and creative storytelling. Lulu Designs Jewelry was founded in the late 90’searly 2000s by Stacy King. Stacy began making jewelry while pregnant with her first child, quickly discovering that the practice helped to still her busy mind. She hasn’t stopped since. Her meditative approach and a holistic desire to bring more beauty into the world combine in pieces that reflect that purity of intention. 
While Stacy is the visionary, Creative Director Kristina Saxen is the master maker (and co-conspirator) working to bring those visions to life. Stacy and Kristina have a hand in every part of the creative process, collaborating closely with our small, diverse, and talented team to create fine jewelry that’s a conduit for meaning—both ours and your own. 
Quality + Craftsmanship
Our designs are elevated through mastery and materials. We are committed to our craft, our well-honed knowledge of metal manipulation allowing us to cast and fabricate any design that’s dreamed up. We tend toward recycled metals and natural stones, materials sourced through trusted vendors with an eye on sustainability. Lulu pieces are designed and often made in our flagship store/studio in Mill Valley, California. You can find us there, collaborating on new collections, sketching out our imaginings, or working at the bench, soldering, hammering, and polishing pieces into being. 
It all comes down to connection. Our connection with the world inspires each collection, and our pieces—crafted from linked chains and soldered metals—are a study in physical connection. The creators involved in the making process are connected by, and to, the final product. When you invest in a Lulu piece,we’re connected, while you and your new heirloom are tethered to a sense of timelessness. This energy of togetherness is an essential aspect of creativity, and of being human. 
“The initial spark of creativity is connection, and it’s about coming back to that over and over.” – Stacy King
Meaning Full 
Jewelry is a vehicle for meaning. Inspiration for our designs tends to strike during spiritual study, personal reflection, or cultural immersion, resulting in pieces packed with story and significance. The gemstones we favor each contain their own metaphysical meaning, that essence enjoyed by the wearer. When you invest in Lulu, your jewelry takes on your meaning, whether as a symbol of an accompanying occasion or a piece that will fill with spirit as time goes by. Consider jewelry a reminder of what you hold dear, and watch your collection transform into a true treasure trove.