Custom & Bridal Jewelry

We want to make the jewelry of your dreams (and for your Big Day)! Lulu loves including clients in the creative process, and our team’s mastery and philosophy means that you can trust us with your treasures.

The creation of your custom piece starts with a chat about your desires and expectations. We pride ourselves on our ability to craft fine jewelry that’s accessible and are willing to work within your budget. 

Next, we ask that you create a mood board, or collect a few images that help communicate your vision.

We’ll draw up your design and discuss how best to source materials, whether you’ve collected stones and metals that you’d like to repurpose or you’d prefer that we start from scratch.

Our CAD artists will create a 3D rendering of your custom piece and we’ll work with you to make any necessary revisions along the way.

Finally, we’ll make your one-of-a-kind jewelry, either by casting or fabricating in the studio. 


People and families have their tailor and their dry cleaner, these people that they trust. We get to know our customers very well and enjoy established relationships with repeat visitors to our Mill Valley store. We get to be a part of their family and universe.

– Stacy King