Planting the Seeds

November 17, 2011 1 min read


November is an exciting time in the Lulu Designs studio.  We are blessed to have incredible & skilled  talent here at Lulu Designs.  Stacy and Alice worked closely  to create these new waxes for our new line of castings inspired by ancient architectural and textile designs.  This is a time when we plant the seeds for new designs to come into bloom for  next spring.  I feel personally blessed to work with these impeccable women, embarking on this wax project with Alice was extremely rewarding, again a real time of thanksgiving.  Just seeing the new designs in wax was breathtaking, I can't even imagine how amazing they will be when they arrive  back from the caster alive in metal.  I am calling this new lime of castings, the "true directions" line, in honor of the beauty that is created when you follow your creative  inspiration.  Following your inner guide and working with other creative minds and hearts, abundance and beauty are the results. Thank you Lulu ladies for being such an integral part of the team! Looking forward to posting pictures of our new metal castings! Stay tuned!!!


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