"Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower." -Albert Camus

September 25, 2012 2 min read

We proudly introduce you to our new Fall 2012 collection, every aspect of which has been carefully chosen to reflect the richness and beauty of autumn.  Each hand- crafted piece of jewelry has been infused with the colors, materials and shapes of the season.


We are currently working with an array of new materials and techniques. Moving into our fabulous Sausalito studio last month (http://www.luludesignsjewelry.com/blogs/lulu-design-blog/6359682-clearing-with-the-full-moon) has allowed us to really expand and experiment! We are able to branch out creatively and are casting a variety of organic shapes, rolling them into the leaves, loops and petals that make up this collection. Finally these rolled pieces are finished using a special process on our wheel, which results in some truly unique finishes—so exciting!

Coming this spring we are introducing a collection of rose gold metal castings. Our oxidized sterling is incredibly versatile and lends itself beautifully to several interesting finishes: hammered, satin and stardust.  We are using an amazing yellow bronze with rich golden tones that radiates warmth and oxidizes to a beautiful ancient patina. The Nigerian brass we have sourced is the purest available. 

Our hoops earrings have been so well received that we are not only doing the traditional circular hoops, but also ovals of varying thickness and size. Textured wire is giving our timeless hoops an entirely new dimension. Our stacker rings have been such a success that we are now doing an earring variation that we absolutely love!

Our passion for new interpretations of traditional jewelry making patterns and techniques is infused in everything we do. We are so excited for our next chapter at Lulu Designs--expect great things from us!

                                                                                                             Wear With Love,