Emerald - The Stone Of Divine Love

May 15, 2018 2 min read

Emerald - The Stone Of Divine Love

The emerald is nothing more than a gem. A greenish-bluish stone that sleeps within the depths of the earth. A rock; a mineral; the result of thousands of atoms crystalized into a crust, enclosed – hybernating – in the earth’s core. At face value, the emerald is nothing more than elements and compounds come together by the mystery of nature.

            But nature does not make things by coincidence. The universe is intentional, calculated; every inch made with intent. Earth did not form mountains or rivers or waves to merely look beautiful. Mother Nature is not that shallow. Each of her creations has a specific and meditated purpose. And therefore, the emerald could never be just a rock. It has a deeper power within.

            The emerald is the stone of divine love. It is believed to open your heart to invite an abundance of compassion your life. It strengthens connections with those you love and encourages one to reach out and connect. The wearer of the stone will give off profound levels of devotion and care, and will attract the same from others in return. If a relationship is wavering, the emerald acts as a salve to heal resentment and revives sympathy.

            This gem also shares a bond with the heart chakra, which is the chakra that connects the spiritual with physical body; the chakra finds the human empathy underneath feelings of anger and pain. When the heart chakra becomes unbalanced, an emerald can help: this love stone reaches deep within and pulls out compassion and the yearn to connect, which will ultimately overcome any negative tensions.

            But whether or not you believe in the literal powers of the emerald, or even just gems in general, their benefits can still be reaped. By just taking time to meditate on a gem and its ability, you unconsciously direct your energy to live out that power. Every time you look at your emerald, you are reminded to embrace friendship and romance. Just taking a moment to harness the emerald allows you concentrate on the gifts it spreads: love, compassion, understanding, patience. And so, in the end, it does not matter whether a person is truly strengthened by the rock itself or if they are transformed by just directing their focus, the emerald will always leave its mark; for Mother Nature does not make things without purpose.


Blog post written by Lila Dubois