Everyday Earring Play

April 02, 2018 2 min read

Everyday Earring Play

A circle is the original symbol of perfection, representative of the eternal cycle of life – no end and no beginning. It has also been the inspiration for many important tools throughout history, most notably the wheel, but also the ball – a necessary item for both recreational and formal games played worldwide throughout history.

With a shape also reminiscent of our perfect planets, endlessly in orbit and mystically predicting our paths, hoop earrings have origins dating back to the Sumerian people of 2500 BC. Throughout history, hoop earrings have carried a variety of meanings and uses for different cultures. In ancient India, they were used as an initiation symbol, and on the open sea, pirates and sailors wore hoop earrings as a talisman of protection, and an indication that a shipwreck had been survived. In Egyptian artwork you can find hoops adorned on their revered cats as an expression of their sacredness, and certain African cultures used hoop earrings as an element to important life rituals, and therefore this favored earring style carried a deep spiritual significance. Whatever your belief about the significance of circles as an artistic or cultural symbol, it is hard to deny the clean elegance and fresh style of hoop earrings.

Hoops are a sweet, clean accent to your sexy cocktail dress when going out on the town, and the perfect pairing for your favorite jeans and hoody, when curled up watching basketball with your beau. The smooth rhythm and excitement of a great basketball game reminds us of the continuous and dynamic quality of Hoop Earrings.

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