July 27, 2018 2 min read


Connecting with the phases moon has been a celebrated ritual for centuries. Taking the time to create a sacred experience creates a ripple effect throughout our universe. While the new moon inspires setting intentions for new beginnings and manifesting our dreams, the full moon is a time for letting go. The fullness of the moon shines light on the abundance in our life at the same time reflects what no longer serves us. Use this powerful time, to create a space where you can celebrate all that is full and let go of any negative energy that may be holding you back.




Here are some rituals that will inspire you to connect with earth’s heavenly moon.

  1. Cleanse your crystals: Gently wash your crystals on the morning of the full moon. Water from the ocean is ideal, or you can make your own salt water. While cleaning, your crystals think about aspects of yourself that you want to let go of, so the new you can shine through. 
  1. Create a sacred space: If you have a garden, place your crystals where they will be exposed to the moon's brightest light. I converted one of my plant stands into a moon stand. During the full moon, I place  my crystals onto the plant stand to bring my specimens in direct line with the moonlight.
  1. Remove your crystals: On the morning after the full moon, allow your crystals to absorb some sun energy for a few hours and then bring them inside.


Taking this valuable time to reflect on the fullness of your life and letting go of what no longer serves you will renew your spirit and lift your vibrations.

Everyday is a new beginning and new opportunity to connect to your higher self. Use the specialness of the full moon to bring you into alignment with the cycles of life.

In today's busy and plugged-in world, it is even more important that we take the time to unplug and truly connect to the earth and the moon.

Wearing gemstones everyday is a way to stay connected and in line with earth's treasures and gifts.

May this month's full moon bring you renewed energy and connect you with the higher vibrations that are all around.