Lulu Designs Celebrates International Women's Day

March 06, 2019 3 min read

Lulu Designs Celebrates International Women's Day

Lulu Designs celebrates International Women's Day with mothers, sisters and daughters around the world. We relish being an all-women business and bow in gratitude to the generations of women who came before us, whose vision, hell yes! -conviction and perseverance paved the way for the rest of us to know that using our voice and realizing our dreams is our birthright. 

Our founder Stacy King never had to think twice about launching a business that mixes metals with metaphysics, whimsy with gemstones and celestial realms with earthy terrain to produce one-of-a-kind heirloom jewelry intended to be passed down from mother to daughter. But her mother’s generation was only beginning to dream of such a thing. What a gift to act freely on inspiration and create beauty in the world. May it be so for every woman and girl.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme, #BalanceforBetter, is a call to create gender balance in every facet of life, from political to economic to cultural realms. Balance is an organizing principle in our design and a piece doesn’t have integrity until the elements know harmony. And so, it is in the world. 

Today there is one other realm that we’d like celebrate and bring into balance—our connection to Mother Earth, the mother of us all. From the veins in leaves, to the petals of a lotus, to the Tree of Life, we find endless inspiration at every turn. May we not only know balance between genders, but with the natural world as well.  

Looking to connect & celebrate divine Mother Earth? Our meaning-inspired heirlooms represent that unique connection. Invoke this divine energy in one of our classic heirloom necklaces. 


Pieces in photo:  Gaia, Chakra, Leela & Lulu Flower - Small


Lulu Designs Celebrates the Women in Our Lives


Stacy- founder & designer:Stacy’s mother serves as her inspiration, whose wisdom, generosity and balanced perspective shines light on everyone around her. “My mom raised myself and my two sisters at times on her own at the same time running a full-time business. Even though her work life was demanding, she spent many nights up late with me-helping with homework and school projects. She worked long days and weekends, she taught us early on to be independent and resilient. My mom started her own company at a time, when business was a man’s world.  My mom continues to work to this day and I am so grateful to have her to guide me through all of my business and life decisions.”

Kristina- creative director:Kristina’s Women’s Day inspiration comes from her best girlfriends, each with her own unique personality. “Each of my friends has guided me in making life decisions I have made along the way, we have a kind of a sisterhood and can always rely on each other.”

Chie- lead bench jeweler:  Chie draws inspiration from her mother, a strong woman and knows how to set boundaries with people.  “My mother has always been a strong person, she has never wavered from her convictions and showed me early on how to be focused and passionate at the same time.”

Lauren- lead bench jeweler:  All the women in her family inspire Lauren. Her mother, sisters and aunts all have one thing in common, they are strong and outspoken. “The women in my family have never been afraid to speak their truth, they stand up for what they believe in and have always shown me that no matter what obstacles I may face, there is always a lesson to be learned and that we learn our greatest lessons from our challenges”