Lulu’s Yellow Bronze is an Accessible Alternative to Solid Gold—And Plays Well with Diamonds

April 02, 2020 2 min read

Lulu’s Yellow Bronze is an Accessible Alternative to Solid Gold—And Plays Well with Diamonds

Here at Lulu, we thrive on the power of gemstones, crafting baubles of tourmaline, lapis, tanzanite, and more. But make no mistake—we love diamonds. Along with Earth Day, spring's welcome wealth of blooms, and, this year, a now familiar theme of sheltering-in-place, April boasts a diamond as its birthstone - the strong, sparkling classic offering a constant and reliable aesthetic all the more appealing in turbulent times. 
Should you find yourself inclined to splurge on the shimmer of a diamond but not the foundation of solid gold, you’re in luck: our signature blend of yellow bronze offers the look and feel of solid 14K gold at a far more accessible price point. Here, three modes of augmenting your high-shine collection.


For those who favor all things personalized, an astrological accessory is a natural choice. And one based on the actual constellation rather than mythological symbolism? Even better. Lulu’s Zodiac Constellation Cuff brings the stars to wrist-level, all while reminding wearers of their individual place in the universe.

(pictured above: Aquarius Cuff, Aries Cuff, Scorpio Cuff)


Some styles truly are forever. Classic and simple, the Organic Cuff with Diamonds is available with one, three, five, or seven stones—delivering a variety of light-catching vibes—its yellow bronze body as close to gold as one can get.

(pictured above: 7 Diamond Organic Cuff, 5 Diamond Organic Cuff)


Ready for the real thing? Lulu Luxe offers One-Of-A-Kind Necklaces that meld idiosyncratic castings, well-placed diamonds, and solid 14K gold—the ultimate gift for a loved one, especially if that loved one is yourself. Highly unique yet infinitely wearable, these fine jewelry pieces are designed to earn their keep in wear and be passed down like the modern heirlooms they are.

(pictured above: Indigo Necklace, Hazel Necklace, Aster Necklace)

  Browse these pieces along with some of our other favorite diamond styles in our featured April Staff Picks collection.