Make Lulu Your Own with These Styling Options

July 29, 2020 2 min read

Make Lulu Your Own with These Styling Options

To maximize the ritual of daily adornment, personalization is key. At Lulu Designs, we pride ourselves on creating cohesive and curated collections, each comprised of varied pieces designed to find fans in any jewelry lover—but even the most adept aesthete can do with some styling tips every now and then. From light-catching rings to mixed metals, these are four of our favorite ways to own the Lulu vibe.


The metals we gravitate to pull our focus due to physical coloring, personal taste, the day’s general look, or all of the above. But why not mix and match? Defined by its cocktail or metallic—oxidized silver chains finished in charms of yellow bronze and sterling silver—our Inspired Inlay collection proves that synergy is born of differences, merged.
If you prefer to stay within one metal tone, our classic Inspired Necklaces collection showcases all necklace options available in either warm yellow bronze, or, bright sterling silver.
(pictured below left - right: Laxmi Shield Necklace, Tara Necklace, Bindu Necklace)


Ear piercings are the new fashion frontier. And whether or not you venture into the more convoluted cartilage piercings—think tragus, helix, and auricle—our assemblage of delicate earrings in our Posts & Hoops collection make a little sparkler a part of your everyday.
(pictured below left - right: Bondi Earrings, Vega Hoops, Kira Studs)


If the power of a single gemstone is strong, a stack of Gemstone Rings is a truly energetic jewelry move. While rings like Monterey are designed to stand alone, flanked by other fingers’ slip-ons, Core and Louise are slim enough to play with others—and the possibilities, both activation- and style-wise, are endless.
(pictured below left - right: Monterey Ring, Core Ring, Louise Ring)


Nothing dresses up a simple ensemble like shimmering Cuffs & Bracelets—especially several. Options range from adaptable—our Mindy Cuff is built of the metal of your choice augmented by a textile design—to sky-inspired, like the Organic Cuff, run through with a collective of diamonds. For something even more charming, our Ila Bracelet features a delicate chain adorned in gemstones and metallic trinkets.
(pictured below left - right: Mindy Cuff, Ila Bracelet - Amata, Organic Cuff)