The Best Gemstones to Pair with Autumn & Winter Fashion

October 23, 2018 2 min read

The Best Gemstones to Pair with Autumn & Winter Fashion

With the year’s most colorful season in full swing, we’ve seen many of the visitors in our Sausalito store breaking out their stylish fall fashion, including oversized sweaters, denim, and long boots. Nothing takes an outfit to another level like the perfect piece of jewelry, whether you prefer a single statement necklace or a layered look. One of the oldest and most timeless styles is gemstone jewelry, giving women of all ages an elegant and timeless look no matter where they choose to wear it. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite gemstone pieces, that are the perfect shades to pair with your everyday outfits this fall and winter. 


Our labradorite gemstones appear as a smokey grey-copper color but are known for iridescent blue or gold flashes when light strikes the surface. Because of their mesmerizing display of colors, these stones are perfect to pair with neutral or dark shades. As for its healing properties, labradorite is a transformation stone, that will help promote strength and willpower to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Recommended piece: Fairfax Earrings ($130)

London Blue Topaz

While this time of year represents a shift towards darker hues, the

London Blue Topaz is the perfect segway into fall. With a greenish blue hue that can be dressed up or down, the London Blue Topaz can be elegantly paired with white or neutral tones.

Recommended piece: Radiant Necklace ($220)


Emerald has a vibrant green hue, and is usually associated with the bright shades found spring or summer styles. However, paired with shades of red that become more prevalent during November and December, the evergreen shade actually creates a striking match. By its nature, green is one of the most calming colors, and wearers may find peace and balance during the busy holiday season

Recommended Piece: Ellis Ring ($80)

If you have any other questions about where we source our gemstones from, or how to complement these elegant pieces with your wardrobe, we’d be happy to help. If you’re in or around Marin Country, stop by our Sausalito, CA jewelry store. You can also reach out to us for more information about our pieces. We look forward to hearing from you soon.