The Journey Is The Way

September 25, 2018 2 min read

The Journey Is The Way

Making jewelry is a journey. We begin at a certain place, armed with our materials and ideas. Then, we set expectations. When crafting a new design or piece, those expectations are not necessarily clear. I always start with an idea about creating beauty in the world, usually born of something I have witnessed either consciously or unconsciously.  I am one of those that notices beauty everywhere. I do a lot of walking, hiking and daydreaming. When hiking, I notice the architecture of everything in my line of sight, from sticks randomly strewn across the sidewalk to flowers unfurling in their own mysterious, yet perfect, way. I notice how colors present themselves in nature, the curious way a lime green hydrangea’s petals fade to crimson red on the edges in such balance and harmony. I notice how everything is constantly changing and reinventing itself. Looking at the same branch out my window as its leaves come and go according to the season, studying its changes, and then changing my own viewpoint, helping me to see the different angles in new and inspiring ways.  I don’t want to remain locked into what my version of beauty is—fluidity is the key. 

My inquisitive nature about botany, architecture, and the ordinary keeps me creating. The jewelry is a reflection of my observations of the world; it represents moments of connection. Essentially, my goal is to capture those moments, and my hope is that the wearer will end up connecting to the piece in a way that creates meaning or mantra for them. I want the wearer to be reminded of something magical—something deeper than just adornment. 

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