Top 3 Summer Daydream Getaways

June 11, 2019 2 min read

Top 3 Summer Daydream Getaways

Summer is almost here, and if you’re like us, far-flung destinations are at top of mind. With that in mind, we rounded up a trifecta of daydream-inducing getaways—along with what to do, and what pieces to wear, during your visit.

1. MAUI, HAWAII (Anytime)

Lulu Designs in Maui Hawaii 
What: Hike Wahie’e Ridge Trail
Why: The best way to addition to a vacation marked by languid beach days? A hike into the greenery—and above the clouds. Maui’s Wahie’e Ridge Trail takes hikers through lush, flora-filled forests and culminates in views of the entire island. Consider the accessibly adventure the perfect amount of effort and reward.
Wear: A versatile pair of earrings turns outdoor island attire into something aspirational. Lulu’s Juliet set takes the traditional hoop to new heights—just like those you’ll be reaching—and echoes the Maui’s ethereal feels. 


Lulu Designs in Venice Italy
What: La Biennale de Venizia (THRU NOV 24)
Why: Once every two years, Biennale Arte—one of the most famous exhibitions in world—takes the art scene by storm. Themed May You Live In Interesting Times, this year’s event features works that offer commentary on the somewhat fraught nature of the contemporary landscape, but also simply art born of the human experience—which is never not interesting.
Wear: Biennale’s art may take center stage, but that’s no reason to dull your shine. The perfect blend of opulence and artistry, our Celeste necklace will elevate any ensemble—from your daytime jeans and tee to your elegant evening looks—with a bit of shimmer.


Lulu Designs in Bali
What: Bliss Body Retreat (JUL 21–27 or AUG 13–19)
Why: Spirituality meets luxury at Bliss Body’s Divine Body Retreat, which features six nights in a private suite, nutritional food and education, privacy, and yoga practice at sunrise and sunset—an idyllic opportunity to transform your inner and outer world.
Wear: A subtle reminder to stay centered, Lulu’s Vine Cuff symbolizes connection and resilience, and pairs with yoga clothes and flowy, tropically-minded dresses alike.