Our Materials

At Lulu Designs, each piece represents the end of a creative journey spurred by a meditation on beauty in all its myriad forms. Beauty begets beauty, and our aim is to translate the world’s most mysterious and meticulous aesthetics—whether presented in the natural architecture of an interestingly placed pile of sticks, a star-strewn sky, or the way the leaves of a hydrangea edge from verdant to red—into adornments that hold meaning that’s far deeper than simply decorative. We merge high vibe practices, designs, and materials to bring about jewelry that you can feel good about wearing and sharing—and that will withstand tests of trend as well as time.


Whether inspiration strikes while out in the world or is born of an existing Lulu design, the next phase finds us collaborating in our Sausalito studio, where our all-woman team brainstorms different concepts, using materials and imagination to dictate design. It’s an evolutionary process that is virtually unending, as a single piece from one collection can ultimately be the catalyst to an entirely separate aesthetic. Think of Lulu as a multi-generational family: pieces giving way to others, and all created to exist in harmony with any and all Lulu jewelry. Each collection represents a stilled moment within our creative process (a generation, if you will) necklaces, earring, ring, and bracelet evoking a shared theme.  

About Our Materials, Gemstones & Unique Shapes

The majority of our pieces are crafted locally, and when this isn’t possible, our commitment to sustainable materials and practices guides any and all outsourcing. Our collections feature 14K gold, sterling silver, and yellow bronze which we get from Hoover & Strong, a company specializing in recycled metals—something we try to do in-house as well, repurposing scraps in new designs. The process of metalworking is a crude one, hammers and heat commingling to form and perfect each piece. But, after filing and polishing, the metal becomes shiny and new, hiding the steps of the process so its genesis is a bit of a mystery.

Stones are selected for both their metaphysical meanings and uses—labradorite for intuitive awakening, lapis for intellect, tourmaline for respite and protection—as well as their natural hues, both areas influencing the feel of one of our contemporary heirlooms. Variances in stones and our avoidance of commercial production make most gemstone pieces singular in shade. For more than a decade we’ve relied on two Indian-based vendors (one of whom Stacy recently visited while in Jaipur) that share our vantage. We strive to use natural stones, though some are heat treated to bring out their organic brilliance. Stonecutting has come a long way: where designers used to be constrained by available shapes, laser-cutting means we can dream up virtually any iteration. The translation? Today, each piece is more specialized than ever before.

Designed With The Wearer in Mind

A light-catching treasure from Lulu Designs is an investment that is intended to make the wearer feel beautiful, and we believe that beauty comes from every aspect, from the spark that inspired it to the elements that bring it into physicality. In short, each of our pieces is an embodied reflection of how we see the world.

If you have any additional questions about the materials we use, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help. We also invite you to explore our latest pieces and enjoy the beauty and originality they offer to our wearers. We hope you enjoyed learning more about our materials, and look forward to meeting you in our Sausalito store.