Keeping & Cleaning Your Jewelry

March 11, 2015 2 min read

There is no denying it, quality jewelry is an investment. Whether you are buying silver, gold, diamonds or semi-precious stones, you want to protect your investment by giving it the best care that you can. Here are some tips, tricks and recipes to keeping your jewelry pristine and beautiful!


The easiest way to keep your jewelry looking brand new is to not let it get tarnished or soiled in the first place. For this we recommend proper storage. Keep your jewelry in an anti-tarnish case like this or even store your pieces in Ziplock bags to cut down on exposure to acidic chemicals and moisture in the air.

And while we know you want to wear your favorite piece everywhere and anywhere, try to keep your jewelry out of the shower, hot tub and pool. Also, if you are wearing heavy lotions or perfumes, let your body products dry a bit before wearing jewelry. This will cut down on the filmy layer that transfers to jewelry from the body! 


It’s inevitable that you will need to clean your jewelry at some point. There are a number of methods for this, but we like the Swirl, Soak and Scrub method the best! Follow this recipe for sparkling jewelry in no time:

        Swirl, Soak & Scrub

  1. Put tarnished, lackluster, or dirty jewelry in a mason jar
  2. Cover with 1/2 cup of white vinegar or witch hazel, and a drop of tea tree oil—swirl to mix
  3. Allow jewelry to sit in mixture overnight
  4. The next morning, sprinkle baking soda over jewelry and scrub lightly with a soft bristle toothbrush, then rinse with water

You can also clean with a gentle detergent in warm water. Just make sure not to use anything too abrasive or strong.

Finally, investing in a polishing cloth is an easy way to clean your jewelry on the go!


Avoiding repair is easy if you take care of your jewelry.

For rings and bracelets, having the settings checked once yearly is a good way to ensure you won’t lose a stone.

For necklaces, make sure not to pull on the chain excessively or you are risking having a link or the clasp break.

If repair is necessary, take your piece to a reputable jeweler or to the company you bought it from. You don’t want to hand your jewelry over the just anyone—you want a seasoned professional!


Taking care of your jewelry now means you will have it forever. So take the time to love your jewelry today.