Tales from the Bench

April 08, 2015 1 min read

All Lulu Designs jewelry starts as an idea. 

Sometimes raw gemstones are laid out and a design comes together, other times, thoughtful drawings and renderings are needed to conceptualize a design.


Our new one-of-a-kind pieces focus on the gemstones themselves. Seeing the raw stones laid out inspires a design that aims to highlight the unique quality of each stone.

Our new Lulu Luxe collection features Tourmaline earrings and necklaces with our newest setting style: 14k gold prong settings. We absolutely love the way this setting highlights the raw, unique quality of the gemstones, while balancing the other elements of the design such as the chain or ear wire.


The plentiful gifts of Spring are all around us—fresh blooms, a change in style, warmer days—and at Lulu Designs, we are embracing all of the inspiration that surrounds us.

Wear with love.