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August 29, 2013 1 min read

2013 September Issue, Marine Magazine

STACY KING IS a lover of all things artistic. After 10 years as an avid ceramicist, she was forced by pregnancy to step away from her wheel and pursue what would become her life’s work: jewelry making. King is the founder of Lulu Designs, a fashion jewelry line based in Sausalito. The close-knit, all-women team made the move from King’s garage last year. PHILOSOPHY The brand’s moniker comes from King’s middle name, Louise, and the logo’s accompanying lotus flower is a metaphor for beauty rising through the depths of darkness — lotuses grow naturally in toxic waters. Symbolism and meaning are big for King, who insists that each piece has an individual meaning and inspiration and is representative of the Lulu community that produced it. THE SCOOP With price points starting at around $90, Lulu can be found in a slew of Bay Area boutiques and all across the country. “The thing that’s so different about jewelry, versus apparel, is that any woman of any size and stature can wear it,” she says. BEYOND MARIN King’s penchant for traditional jewelry making, and her use of recycled metal in her designs, recently led to a collaboration with New York’s ABC Carpet & Home and Deepak Chopra, who are working to highlight artisans focused on sustainability. WHAT’S NEXT King plans to launch Lulu Luxe, an offshoot of Lulu Designs that will focus exclusively on sustainably crafted fine jewelry. WHAT THEY SAY “Jewelry is about celebrating our soul and the beauty inside us,” says King. “These beauties and gems and precious metals come from the earth and celebrate the beauty of life.”  CALIN VAN PARIS