Honor Our Universal Mother This Earth Day

April 22, 2020 2 min read

Honor Our Universal Mother This Earth Day

Earth Day is upon us, a welcome reminder of Mother Nature’s majesty, indiscriminate cruelty, and power, as well as the unparalleled beauty that comes when her elements are free to flourish in balance. 
At Lulu Designs, we have long drawn inspiration from the natural world and its many contradictions, as evidenced by our signature Lotus—which takes on many forms within our collections, including both the Sun Lotus and Lotus necklaces, along with our logo—a sacred flower native to India and Vietnam that blooms like a beacon from the depths of murky river waters, its petals somehow immaculate amid the filth. 

(pictured above: Lotus Necklace)
As human beings, we are called to a similar pursuit: to overcome obstacles and walk the planet as the highest versions of ourselves. When creating our modern heirlooms, Lulu keeps this endless and cyclical mission in mind. Our Chakra pendant is shaped like a burgeoning (and shimmering) bloom, and calls on the wearer to balance spiritual centers and bring light to the world. Similarly, the Karma necklace inspires thoughtfulness in both word action. What begins as an individual commitment to bettering self soon becomes a spark that ignites the best aspects of the human race, so we are better equipped to handle our planet with care. 

(pictured above: Sun Lotus Necklace)
Our commitment to the Earth extends beyond designs inspired by the natural world. Castings are crafted from sustainably sourced materials, forever jewelry dreamed up to showcase metals and minerals without abusing them. 

(pictured above: Large Chakra Necklace)
This year, in celebration of our universal Mother, spend the day slowing down to offer gratitude and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us. And should you need a reminder to keep this commitment all year long, one of Lulu’s organic pieces doubles as a pretty promise to honor the Earth.