Meet Our Aquarius Collection

January 27, 2020 2 min read

Meet Our Aquarius Collection

 (shown above from top to bottom: Monterey Ring in moonstone; Cara Necklace, Vega NecklaceNicolette Necklace in 18k gold vermeil, Zen Ring in moonstone, Core Ring in moonstone )

Aquarius is all about ideas. From individual daydreaming to the dissemination of concepts within the community, the water bearer believes in airy innovation through the sharing of information. At Lulu, we feel the same—but our brand of bond is achieved through the connective power of jewelry and gemstones.

The Aquarius Collection showcases stones designed to promote creativity and intuition, with colors that call to mind aquatic blues and the sky’s shifting hues. There’s a reason that turquoise is a mainstay many ancient adornments and decorative sites: the stone is all about positive protection and keeps wearers calm, cool, and collected. Likewise, aqua chalcedony embodies the divinity of air and water and nurtures creativity and emotional outlook—in a word, balance. And labradorite and moonstone? These ethereal, refractive offerings are as mystical and they look, with labradorite raising consciousness and moonstone soothing our souls while enhancing intuition.

In keeping with our commitment to layering, Aquarius is comprised of bold new designs crafted to wear in tandem or alone, and sure to elevate your outfit. Our Nicolette and Vega Necklaces each function as modern talismans, housing powerful gems in of-the-moment settings, while Cara's abbreviated chain and night-sky spangle makes it the ultimate punctuating piece. At finger-level, rings like Monterey, Zen, and Core showcase favored stones in organic settings, making wearing at once aspirational rather than overwhelming.

2020 Lulu Designs Akasha Necklace Samadhi

(shown above: Akasha Necklace - Samadhi)

To round out this season’s approach, we’re experimenting in metal medleys, creating castings comprised of bronze and silver for increased, eye-catching wearability. Lulu’s Akasha Necklaces feature charms, gold and silver chains, and detailed inlays—making a series of standout statements—while both Channel and Manifest feature a pared-down approach to the same multi-material mentality.

2020 Lulu Designs Channel Necklace Satya

(shown above: Channel Necklace - Satya)

2020 Lulu Designs Manifest

(shown above: Manifest Necklace - Surya, Manifest Necklace - Samadhi)

The takeaway? Aquarius is all about stepping outside of the box. Make like the air sign and spread the word.