Shine Through The Year's Longest Night

December 04, 2019 1 min read

Shine Through The Year's Longest Night

(shown above: Ayla in yellow bronze)

The last winter solstice of the decade is fast approaching, calling the collective to enter the 20s with a sense of renewal and wonder. The winter solstice—or Yule, in pagan terms—marks the shortest day of the year, the moment when the darkness begins to give itself over to the light, with the length of the night shortening each day thereafter.

  (from top to bottom: Ayla, Small Chandra, Large Chandra in yellow bronze)

At Lulu, we love the imagery of the Moon, with all of its goddess energy, giving way to the Sun and its more masculine nature—and we have plenty of pieces to mark the transition.

With darkness comes an opportunity to turn inward. What do you want to manifest as the light returns? As we enter a new decade, a new phase, what will you leave behind? And what talisman will you choose to best channel your own energy?

(shown above: Crescent necklace in moonstone)

Necklaces like Crescent and Artemis combine the sleek symbolism of a waning moon with the power of gemstones, while castings like Ayla honor the potency of a full orb. Luna, Celeste, Chandra—all of Lulu’s moon-minded pieces were designed for goddesses, by goddesses. 

(shown above: Luna earrings in brown moonstone) 

Whether given as a gift or selected to aid in your own internal quest, our lunar adornments will help you and your loved ones harness the moon’s energy no matter the season—or time of day.